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Disclaimer: Lance Lazor is not the UTAU software itself but rather he is released in order to be compatible with the UTAU software. Lance Lazor is a virtual singer and voicebank for the UTAU software. UTAU is a Japanese Voice Snthasizing Software that allows your computer to sing! Think virutal instruments only instead of a guitar or drums in garage band your tuning an electronic voice! Lance Lazor comes in a "CV" bank which is an easy to use Consanent Vowel Japanese bank. This bank can be tuned and constructed to sing in basic japanese!

Lance Lazor is a character and voicebank made for the software known as UTAU. UTAU is a voice synthesizing software similar to  Vocaloid that's free of charge that allows you to create and use pre-existing virtual singers through software on your computer.  Think advanced text to speech software only instead of speaking it sings!

Lance Lazor is a virtual singer meant to accompany the UTAU software. While Lance Lazor is free you must purchase a commercial license to use Lance Lazor in any commercial projects. The commercial license includes use of his character as well as his voicebank. For additional clarification on what he can and cannot be used commercially for please see his terms of user here:  http://lancelazorutau.weebly.com/terms-of-use.html

Lance Lazor is owned by Adam Snowflake his voicer,  in order to use Lance commercially please purchase the license.  It's covers just about everything digitally even albums but you can't do merch.

For those new to the software: UTAU sounds robotic at first. Sometimes it even sounds robotic in a foreign language. This is because it is software and cannot perfectly emulate a human voice. It takes listening to a couple of songs to get used to the robotic nature and tone of the voice banks so you can properly enjoy the software!

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Voice bank features

Voicebank Type: CV (Consonant-vowel)

Download type: Rar file

Gender: DFAB Genderfluid

Pronouns: He Him/They/Them, she/her

Honorific Preference: Chan over Kun, 

Voice Type: Alto

Language: Japanese

Oto Type: Japanese with romaji aliasing

Age: 16/19/23 (All three ages are used)

18+ Use allowed: Yes permission not required but please age him up if you use him this way

Commercial use allowed: With purchasing of license

Voicer:  Adam Snowflake / Compulsive Ink

Social Media:  Wiki Page, Utaforum page, Youtube ChannelFacebook


Forbidden Usage: Overt Political messaging (Without permission), Merch without permission, all other uses including songs involving drug use, violence, or sex are allowed

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Included in the download is the voice bank through a rar file type that contains Lance's UTAU folder. If purchased a commercial license that while not allowing merch sales it does allow you to use Lance in music videos and marketing of your original music with him that way. 

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Lance lazors commercial license allows cds, mp3s, and promos of original content. You can't promote covers with it but you can promote originals. You cannot sell merch that isn't a cd or digital without permission from his voicer. Even if you created the new design (the design being derivative). and lastly you can promote pmvs, and music vids with the license. Shall issues ever arise legally you'll simply have to prove you bought the license. Basically you just can't sell merch without permission. like hoodies, plushies, and his logo and junk. 

To learn more about Lance and see the songs he sings check out his website here!




Things to note about Lance:

This is a CV Bank! That means it sounds more robotic than the average bank! it's the simplest to learn with and easy to use however it sounds robotic even to non native speakers. For a more advanced user based bank, but more fluent sounding bank please see Lance's Japanese VCCV bank here. (Link coming soon). Also the bank is missing two specific sounds a "ja" sound and a "kyo" sound. The kyo sound can be remedied by using the sounds [ki][o] together.


For a masterpost of Lance's covers please see this list (it's in English sorry!)

For a masterpost of Lance's original music please see this list! (It's again in English)


To get started with UTAU I highly recommend this playlist!


Voiced by Compuslive Ink

Art by: PinkSquirelGames, and Danny DA (utaforum)






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